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eMarketer Interview

How Does a Universal Online Shopping Cart Work?

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Kimberly Cabot

COO, ShopCo Technologies

Interview summary

Self-touted as the “first true universal cart,” is a new desktop browser extension that lets shoppers add items from any ecommerce site to one basket and check out with a single transaction. eMarketer’s Tricia Carr spoke with ShopCo Technologies COO Kimberly Cabot about how the “universal cart” concept could change ecommerce.


eMarketer: Retailers face many challenges in the ecommerce space, but from your perspective, what’s the largest obstacle preventing them from converting online shoppers?

Kimberly Cabot: It’s not a new problem—it’s an old problem that’s coming to a head. Whenever you transition from something tactile to something digital, holding attention is a problem. In a physical store, my attention is there. I don’t leave the store until I make a decision about what I want to buy. But in the online world, it’s easy to disengage. This is not only a problem for retailers, but a problem for shoppers because they can’t maintain their focus long enough to complete their purchase.