How US Millennials Are Redefining Motherhood and the Workplace - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

How US Millennials Are Redefining Motherhood and the Workplace

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An interview with

Subha Barry

Vice President and General Manager, Working Mother Media

Topics: Social Media

Interview summary

Millennial women now make up the overwhelming majority of new moms, making them an attractive audience for advertisers. eMarketer’s Alison McCarthy spoke to Subha Barry, vice president and general manager of Working Mother Media, about how millennial mothers in the US use digital, what they demand from the workforce and how they are redefining family dynamics.


eMarketer: What are the biggest differences between millennial mothers and mothers of older generations?

Subha Barry: We’ve studied millennial, Gen X and baby boomer working mothers, and found that millennial moms are the happiest and most optimistic of the three. Compared to Gen Xers and boomers, they’re more career-oriented, more ambitious, and much more focused on doing things that they are passionate about.