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eMarketer Interview

How Sentiment Analysis Helps Brands Sell

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Patrick Charlton

Director and Co-Founder, Buzz Radar

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

Sentiment analysis is already an important component of many brands’ social media strategies, but it can often be limited to basic interpretations of whether a conversation is positive, negative or neutral. At the Cannes Lions international advertising festival in June, data visualization technology provider Buzz Radar conducted an experiment that took sentiment analysis further, diving deeper into different types of emotional nuances. Patrick Charlton, director and co-founder of Buzz Radar, spoke to eMarketer’s Maria Minsker just before the festival about what the company hoped to learn from the project.


eMarketer: Before we talk about emotion specifically, can you provide an example of how brands can leverage real-time social conversation visualization technology in general?

Patrick Charlton: Burberry has used our Command Center platform to look at conversations on social media surrounding their campaigns. We pull in every single mention of Burberry from conversations about London Fashion Week, for example, and analyze the sentiment. They’ll have a big screen up during the 20 minutes of their live show, watch the conversation on a dashboard and choreograph the program using that live data. They can pick up the phone and talk to their content producers to optimize the show in real-time.