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eMarketer Interview

How Marketers Are Effectively Integrating TV, Digital and In-Store Data

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An interview with

Andrew Colberg-Amador

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Analysis, DigitasLBi

Topics: MobileMarketingAdvertising

Interview summary

Many marketers are experimenting with technologies that help them integrate data from digital, TV and the physical store, but there are few true omnichannel solutions available today. Andrew Colberg-Amador, senior vice president of strategy and analysis at DigitasLBi, spoke with eMarketer’s Lauren Fisher about the solutions used by marketers and the new challenges that have arisen.


eMarketer: In the second half of 2016, the trend was that marketers were looking to tie together TV, digital and in-store data to better understand their audiences and improve key marketing functions, such as targeting and attribution. What’s happening now in this space?

Andrew Colberg-Amador: Integrating these three data sources has always been of interest. Most of our clients have been using that data to inform a lot of their planning and marketing optimization. They have always used more of a media mix model type of approach to evaluate TV. But there has always been a desire to apply the user level-based type of attribution to TV, or more digital types of attribution where the model is a lot faster.