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eMarketer Interview

How Hershey Chooses Its Marketing Technology Partners

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An interview with

Noelle Perez

Senior Manager, Digital Advancement and Innovation, The Hershey Company

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

Inri MouchetteSenior Manager, Sweets and Refreshments The Hershey Company Brian KavanaghSenior Director, Retail Evolution and Insights-Driven Performance The Hershey Company The marketing technology landscape is already busy—throw in emerging tools from players like Facebook and Snapchat, and it becomes tough for brands to make choices about what technology investments to make. The Hershey Company recently worked with Facebook to launch a marketing campaign for Twizzlers, using a combination of the social giant's audience targeting capabilities and its new creative tool, the Camera Effects Platform. Hershey’s Noelle Perez, senior manager of digital advancement and innovation, Inri Mouchette, senior manager of sweets and refreshments, and Brian Kavanagh, senior director of retail evolution and insights-driven performance, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how the company makes marketing technology decisions.


eMarketer: What are the biggest challenges associated with choosing marketing tools today?

Noelle Perez: One challenge is knowing what tools to test and when to engage. Even if something is new, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re ready to jump into the opportunity—we have to conduct proper evaluation and research first. Before we engage with marketing tools, the technology has to be proven to work. Plus, beyond that, there should always be continuous, ongoing improvements and post-learnings to ensure a flawless consumer experience.