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eMarketer Interview

How Ecommerce Will Become Even More Like Social Media

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Danielle Li

Founder and CEO, Popshop Live

Interview summary

Consumers spend countless hours each day on social media, and they’ve become accustomed to those channels. Smart retailers are actively testing ways to influence social users and convert them. Danielle Li, founder and CEO of Popshop Live—a marketplace where users buy and sell through live streaming videos—spoke with eMarketer’s Sean Creamer about the new wave of social selling and what retailers can learn by exploring social shopping communities that exist online.


eMarketer: What’s disrupting the way retailers have traditionally sold items online?

Danielle Li: One major change in ecommerce is the move from catalog-type shopping to conversational shopping. One example of this is the way Amazon and Google are shifting from a search engine that returns 200 pages of results to becoming more conversational.