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eMarketer Interview

How Connected Cars Improve Your Ride with Infotainment Systems

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An interview with

Henry Bzeih

Managing Director, Connected and Mobility, Kia Motors America

Topics: Media

Interview summary

Though the internet of things (IoT) offers numerous benefits for the automotive space, the adoption rate for connected car technology among drivers is low. Kia Motors America is looking to change that by offering its connected car technology as a free service in every vehicle. eMarketer’s Sean Creamer spoke with Henry Bzeih, Kia’s managing director for connected and mobility, about the value of data coming from connected cars, and how it benefits manufacturers, dealers and drivers.


eMarketer: How does the IoT connect all of the functions of a car?

Henry Bzeih: It’s a mix of many systems called the vehicle system network. The network is the backbone of different functions—there’s power train and engine transmission; there’s chassis, braking and traction control; and there’s safety and airbags. There are many different functional areas sitting on this network. The information is being engaged in a CAN [controller area network] and is available to interact with.