How Brands Can Create Engaging Live Video—and Monetize It - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

How Brands Can Create Engaging Live Video—and Monetize It

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Bijan Malaklou

Paid Social Media Manager, Digital Addix


Interview summary

Live video has skyrocketed in popularity, thanks to platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories. But as is the risk with any “shiny new toy” in the digital space, many brands are rushing into the format. Bijan Malaklou, paid social media manager for digital marketing agency Digital Addix, spoke with eMarketer’s Sean Creamer about how the company partners with sister agency Mindstream Media and what brand marketers need to know before they invest resources in live video.


eMarketer: How does Mindstream Media define live video?

Bijan Malaklou: We define live video as content in a vertical video format. It’s ready to create or is part of a conversation, and it’s relevant to current events. Live video doesn’t necessarily need to be shot live. It needs to be shot in a way that makes it feel like it’s happening right now, so it connects with users in a way that isn’t possible through traditional video. Live video is just as much about live audience engagement as it is about live content-sharing. This relationship between content-sharing and engagement is what makes live video a dynamic medium.