How Blockchain Is Solving Retail's Big Supply Chain Problem - eMarketer
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eMarketer Interview

How Blockchain Is Solving Retail's Big Supply Chain Problem

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An interview with

Kate Hiscox

Founder and CEO, Venzee

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

Inconsistent and incompatible databases between vendors, shippers and retailers are slowing down the retail supply chain, but blockchain technology could potentially change the game. eMarketer’s Yory Wurmser spoke with Kate Hiscox, founder and CEO of Venzee—a cloud-based platform that lets the various participants in the supply chain sync their data—about the inefficiencies in the supply chain and how blockchain can overcome them.


eMarketer: What makes the retail supply chain so inefficient right now?

Kate Hiscox: One of the biggest challenges for retail is the fact that 90% of the industry still uses spreadsheets. If you think about supply chains today, the world has hundreds of thousands of databases, which are built by different solutions inherently with different data structures. But in order for supply chain data to move, those databases and solutions need to talk to each other.