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eMarketer Interview

How Artificial Intelligence Is Affecting Personalization

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An interview with

David Raab

Principal Consultant, Raab Associates

Interview summary

Artificial intelligence isn’t a buzz word anymore—it’s happening. Machine learning is making its way into the marketing and advertising space, and organizations are using the technology to improve the likes of content personalization, advertising, data management and lead scoring. David Raab, principal consultant at Raab Associates, spoke to eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about what to expect from the onset of the AI age.


eMarketer: What’s the current role of artificial intelligence in marketing and advertising?

David Raab: There are many different applications in varying states of maturity. The basic thing to realize is that AI is going to be everywhere, and in many ways it already is. It’s used in content generation. It’s used in understanding personas and interpreting what people are saying. It’s used in selecting where to place advertisements. It’s used in every place imaginable. If it’s something that humans do in marketing, then AI is at least knocking on the door.