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eMarketer Interview

How App Publishers Overcome India’s High Uninstall Rates

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Himanshu Kulkarni

India Sales Director, AppsFlyer

Topics: Mobile

Interview summary

India’s mobile app market was the world’s largest by Google Play download volume in 2016, according to App Annie. But there are some unique facets of the country’s app sector that make it especially challenging for publishers to navigate. eMarketer’s David Green spoke with Himanshu Kulkarni, India sales director at mobile app analytics and attribution platform AppsFlyer, about the idiosyncrasies of India’s app market that publishers need to know about.


eMarketer: What app categories are experiencing the strongest growth in India at the moment?

Himanshu Kulkarni: Mcommerce plays a dominant role in India, because people first connect to the internet via their mobile devices. But because low-end devices are prevalent, it’s common for users to uninstall apps to avoid overtaxing their device, and then reinstall them during sales events or whenever they want to try out a new app or take advantage of a discount.