How Albertsons Gives Grocery Shoppers the Personalization They Demand - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

How Albertsons Gives Grocery Shoppers the Personalization They Demand

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An interview with

Narayan Iyengar

Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce, Albertsons

Interview summary

(Not pictured)Mir AamirPresident and COOQuotient Technology Albertsons has access to a cornucopia of customer data through savings programs like just for U at its eponymous stores and Safeway as well as Acme’s MyMixx, which are integrated in each retailer’s mobile app. Behind the scenes, digital promotions technology provider Quotient Technology helps the grocery store conglomerate use this data to engage with customers one-on-one through digital. eMarketer’s Tricia Carr spoke with Narayan Iyengar, senior vice president of digital marketing and ecommerce at Albertsons, and Mir Aamir, president and COO of Quotient Technology, about the level of personalization that grocery shoppers expect in exchange for their loyalty.


eMarketer: What trends are driving an increased desire for personalization among your customers?

Mir Aamir: The No. 1 trend is changes in customer expectations. There is a strong desire from consumers everywhere for relevance and personalization. Their patience for messages or offers coming from any business that are not personalized is running very thin. Historically, grocery retailers and CPG [consumer packaged goods] brands have done mass marketing, like weekly flyers. The desire for personalization is not only a challenge, but a huge opportunity for them to capitalize on.