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eMarketer Interview

How AI Is Changing the Chief Marketer's Role at Cosabella

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An interview with

Guido Campello

CEO and Creative Director, Cosabella

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

(Not pictured)Courtney ConnellMarketing DirectorCosabella Artificial intelligence (AI) used to fuel eerie movies and books about machines becoming smarter than humans. But now that many brands—including lingerie maker Cosabella—have witnessed how AI technology can streamline processes and reveal invaluable customer data, they don’t mind letting a machine do some of their work. eMarketer’s Yory Wurmser spoke with Guido Campello, Cosabella’s CEO and creative director, and Courtney Connell, the brand’s marketing director, about how AI pushed them to change many traditional aspects of the business. [Editor’s Note: Connell has since joined Spyscape as marketing director.]


eMarketer: How much work are you comfortable letting AI do for you?

Courtney Connell: Humans want to be in control. They want to think they’ve already come up with the best solution. Give a machine different options and watch it deduce the actual reality with confidence—that’s hard for a lot of people to understand. It’s a mindset for my team. By the end of this year, my team will be capable of understanding it and handling anything thrown at us.