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eMarketer Interview

How 3M Uses Social Chatter to Fuel Research and Development

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An interview with

Amy Lamparske

Head of Global Social Media, 3M


Interview summary

3M, a diversified company that makes products for five operating segments, is a global brand with a big focus on research and development. In late 2015, the company took steps to formalize its social listening strategy, with the goal of garnering fresh insights from social conversation. Amy Lamparske, 3M’s head of global social media, spoke with eMarketer’s Jillian Ryan about how 3M is already using insights from that program and how it plans to prioritize opportunities for the future.


eMarketer: 3M has been doing active social listening for just a few months. How did you start the strategy and determine your goals?

Amy Lamparske: In late Q3 2015, we upgraded our social stack with a best-in-class social analytics partner and a new social relationship platform. Before we rolled out our new technology, we met with each business group and asked them, what are your key problems? What are your use case situations? We wanted to uncover the areas we could inform through social conversation.