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eMarketer Interview

For Honest Tea, Programmatic Is Key to Optimizing Small Budget

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Ami Mathur

General Manager and Head of Marketing, Honest Tea

Interview summary

Beverage brand Honest Tea has a tight marketing and advertising budget, but that doesn’t mean the company doesn’t experiment with innovative tactics and new tools. After using programmatic buying methods for the first time last year, Honest Tea is now doubling down on the technique. Ami Mathur, general manager and head of marketing at Honest Tea, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how the growing company makes decisions about publishers, programmatic advertising and budget allocation.


eMarketer: How do you work with publishers when it comes to advertising on their platform or within their content?

Ami Mathur: We don’t try to fit into just any content on any publisher’s site—we strive to figure out what our target audience cares about, and make sure that we can get the right message to them. We don’t want to pay publishers just to appear in their content. Rather, we want to be represented in an authentic way that reflects the genuine relationship we have with them.

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