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eMarketer Interview

Home Depot Lets Customers Steer Its Visual Commerce Strategy

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An interview with

Shawn Coombs

Senior Director, Product Management for Platforms, The Home Depot

Interview summary

There’s friction in the path to purchase when a customer has a need but can’t adequately describe it to a sales associate or in a search bar. That’s where visual commerce comes in for The Home Depot. The home improvement retailer offers visual tools that aim to eliminate this friction and move the customer along their journey. eMarketer’s Tricia Carr spoke with Shawn Coombs, The Home Depot’s senior director of product management for platforms, about how the retailer anticipates what visual tools its customers will benefit from most.


eMarketer: What initially sparked the interest in visual commerce at Home Depot?

Shawn Coombs: We’ve created an expectation within our stores that if someone comes in with a problem, the store associate can help solve it. The same goes for digital—consumers come to our digital properties to either solve their problem or get ready for their visit to the store.