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eMarketer Interview

To Grow Power Users, Freshly Fine-Tunes Its Audience Targeting

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An interview with

Jordan Finger

Vice President, Customer Acquisition and Growth Marketing, Freshly

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

With a proven business model, meal delivery subscription service Freshly is focused not only on growing its customer base, but on nurturing users that will have a high lifetime value. eMarketer’s Jillian Ryan spoke with Freshly’s vice president of customer acquisition and growth marketing, Jordan Finger, about how his team uses data and advanced targeting techniques to convert casual users into power users.


eMarketer: As a meal delivery subscription service, how does Freshly approach its acquisition strategy?

Jordan Finger: My main goal is to get someone to sign up for Freshly, to become a subscriber. But there are definitely different stages of a customer [lifespan]. If you give me an email address, you are on your journey to potentially being a customer, but you’re basically a warm lead. For us, a customer is someone who opens an account and actually makes some sort of purchase.