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eMarketer Interview

Do's and Don'ts for Marketing to US Hispanic Millennials

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Dr. Jake Beniflah

Executive Director, Center for Multicultural Science

Topics: Media

Interview summary

US Hispanics’ consumer behavior depends heavily on their age and level of acculturation, so batching them into one homogenous group is a missed marketing opportunity. Hispanic millennials, for example, are as complex as their non-Hispanic counterparts. Dr. Jake Beniflah, executive director of the Center for Multicultural Science, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker and explained what marketers need to understand about generational and acculturational differences among Hispanics.


eMarketer: How do Hispanic millennials engage with newer channels such as mobile and social compared to older channels such as television?

Dr. Jake Beniflah: There is a higher level of trust in messages on social media than on television. On social media, there’s a sense of implicit endorsement from friends who share content. That’s one of the reasons why things go viral. Television, on the other hand, is a passive medium. People are expected to sit through commercials, or if they’re watching a recorded show, they can just zap through the commercials. For marketers, focusing on mobile and social is the way to go.