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eMarketer Interview

The Digital Services UK Consumers Want from Banks

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

George Wright

CEO, Smart Communications


Interview summary

Banks in the UK are digitizing services from account management to auto loan approval, and by providing these self-service options online, they can cut costs at brick-and-mortar locations. But not every generation is ready to go fully digital. eMarketer’s Sean Creamer spoke with George Wright, CEO of customer communications management firm Smart Communications, about how UK banks can make digital services more appealing to consumers of all ages.


eMarketer: Which entity is driving the digitization of banking services in the UK—consumers or the financial intitutions themselves?

George Wright: Financial services organizations are driving digitization. They’re encouraging their customers to go digital, because they cut costs simply by digitizing documents and human interactions, and they entice account holders with the promise of always-on digital access. Customers want ease of access and use, which is achieved by creating a self-service experience that’s interactive and on-demand.