Could Custom Ad Formats Be the Future of Mobile Ad Tech? - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

Could Custom Ad Formats Be the Future of Mobile Ad Tech?

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An interview with

Mike Isabella

Director, Customer Engagement, Timberland

Topics: AdvertisingMarketing

Interview summary

(Not pictured)Daniel Meehan Founder and CEOPadSquad Two areas that had once been siloed, ad tech and creative are now coming together to make ads effective. Mike Isabella, director of customer engagement at outdoor apparel and footwear company Timberland, and Daniel Meehan, founder and CEO of mobile advertising technology provider PadSquad, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about the success Timberland has had with custom ad formats—and why ad tech players can no longer afford to ignore creative.


eMarketer: To promote Timberland’s new flexible boots, you launched an interactive ad campaign. Tell me about how that campaign came to be.

Mike Isabella: Our 2017 campaign featured our SensorFlex products—they’re boots that are meant to flex for comfort. To tell that story, we worked with PadSquad to build a custom ad unit that comes to life. We gave consumers control and let them engage with the product to understand how it works.