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eMarketer Interview

Consumer Data Protection and the US Government

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An interview with

David King

Senior Manager, Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance, UHY Advisors


Interview summary

Consumers are tracked across a variety of digital platforms, generating massive amounts of data that marketers can sift to glean golden nuggets of information about their target audiences. Now the US government is looking to access some of that data as part of its overall security efforts. eMarketer’s Sean Creamer spoke to David King, senior manager of internal audit, risk and compliance at global accountancy firm UHY, about the government’s initiative, as well as how businesses are dealing with the issue of data classification and protection in general.


eMarketer: Your background is in the financial realm. What are the similarities between data collection technologies on the financial side and in the marketing space?

David King: I first started out as a technology director in the hedge fund space. The hedge funds that I worked in had some highly proprietary, high-frequency trading algorithms. I saw those algorithms as proprietary data. And then the positions that got plugged in and spit out were those outputs that our traders acted upon or our market analysts acted upon. That was treated as a separate set. So I classified those as a separate set of valuable proprietary data.