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eMarketer Interview

CPG Brands Can't Approach Ecommerce Like Every Other Brand

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Jennifer Silverberg

CEO, SmartCommerce

Interview summary

Many shoppers are loyal to their favorite consumer packaged goods (CPG) products, but their journey with these brands often begins with an in-store impulse purchase. For this reason, CPG brands are faced with different challenges in the ecommerce space than other product categories. Jennifer Silverberg, CEO of CPG ecommerce technology suite SmartCommerce, spoke with eMarketer’s Tricia Carr about what CPG brands can do to convert new and existing customers online.


eMarketer: Where do CPG brands stand in the ecommerce arena?

Jennifer Silverberg: In the past couple of years, consumers began using ecommerce for convenience more than anything else. This is where CPG brands can shine. Their position is unique because their products are convenience-driven. Consumers might not care that something is more expensive, but if they can order it online and they don’t have to go to the store, they will.