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eMarketer Interview

Becoming a Mother Changes How a Woman Uses Social Media

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An interview with

George Carey

Founder and CEO, The Family Room

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

A lot changes when a woman becomes a mother, including how she engages with digital media. Much of her media consumption predictably becomes centered around parenting, but unique advice-seeking patterns emerge. George Carey, founder and CEO of research firm The Family Room, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how mothers’ online behaviors change as their kids grow up.


eMarketer: How do women use social media differently when they become mothers?

George Carey: One of the greatest inflection points that a human being goes through is becoming a parent. Before women become moms, social media is all about staying in touch with friends and companions. Once a woman has a baby, social media becomes much more about logistics, organization and self-esteem. Logistics and organization become important because there is so much more to keep track of, especially as kids get older. But social media also becomes a way for moms to maintain self-esteem—it’s a way for them to show the world how they’re parenting and reinforce their belief in their excellence as parents.