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eMarketer Interview

B2B Ecommerce Requires a Targeted User Experience

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An interview with

Zachary Abbell

Director, Ecommerce, Poppin

Topics: B2BMarketing

Interview summary

The business-to-business (B2B) buyer journey is substantially different from a consumer shopping experience. The cycle is longer, more fragmented and typically revolves around a bigger price tag. Zachary Abbell, director of ecommerce at office supply brand Poppin, gave eMarketer’s Maria Minsker some behind-the-scenes insight into what it takes to build a B2B ecommerce platform.


eMarketer: In what ways did you have to adjust your ecommerce experience for B2B customers?

Zachary Abbell: We originally had categorical navigation, which was fine for B2C, but for the new business audience, we launched entrance and exit modals. With those in place, first-time customers would be prompted to enter an email address as well as information on who they are shopping for. We realized that they need to have a customized journey where they’re not being presented with composition notebooks and crayons. That’s why we created a persona-based navigation where a consumer could shop for him or herself, but could also shop for a business.