Is Artificial Intelligence After Marketers’ Jobs? - eMarketer
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eMarketer Interview

Is Artificial Intelligence After Marketers’ Jobs?

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Chaitanya Chandrasekar

CEO and Co-Founder, QuanticMind

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is slowly sweeping the marketing space, and some marketers worry that it may replace them in the workplace. But according to a recent survey conducted by predictive advertising platform QuanticMind, most marketers realize that rather than pushing them out of the workforce, AI technology has the potential to make their jobs easier. Chaitanya Chandrasekar, CEO and co-founder of QuanticMind, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about what the future of marketing technology looks like given the onslaught of AI.


eMarketer: There’s a lot of excitement around AI and its applications for marketing. What’s the current state of AI in marketing?

Chaitanya Chandrasekar: So far, artificial intelligence has played a big role in collecting data, but marketers are now noticing that they can leverage AI and machine learning to gather insights as well. The volume of data that’s being collected is huge, but the key now is to use AI to bring insights to the surface, and lean on those insights to strengthen marketing programs.