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eMarketer Interview

Allstate Reaps the Benefits of Social Listening Long After the Conversation

Preview from eMarketer PRO

An interview with

Lizzie Schreier

Director, Web and Social Engagement, Allstate


Interview summary

There’s no right or wrong way for a brand to engage in social listening, but an effective strategy requires a multifaceted approach. Listening is not about being a passive participant on social media—it’s waiting for the right opportunity to start a conversation with an audience or a specific customer. Lizzie Schreier, director of web and social engagement at Allstate, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about the insurance provider’s three-pronged take on social listening.


eMarketer: How does Allstate tackle social listening?

Lizzie Schreier: We look at it from three different vantage points: proactive, live stream and reactive. Proactive is about listening to inform future strategies in a smart, consumer-oriented way. Live stream is the real-time approach to social listening for us. It’s how we handle social CRM and surprise folks with little gifts or interactions at relevant times. It also gives us the ability to look at cultural moments and see if there’s an authentic way for Allstate to participate. The third way we use social listening is more reactive—looking at the performance of a past campaign helps inform reporting.