Aldo on Omnichannel Redesign: 'Sweat the Details' - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

Aldo on Omnichannel Redesign: 'Sweat the Details'

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An interview with

Grégoire Baret

General Manager, Omnichannel Experience, The Aldo Group

Interview summary

The Aldo Group recently undertook a significant ecommerce experience redesign in conjunction with product agency Work & Co. Aldo’s Montreal-based general manager of omnichannel experience, Grégoire Baret, spoke with eMarketer’s Nicole Perrin about what Aldo’s customers want and how the new omnichannel experience was designed with them in mind.


eMarketer: Why did Aldo decide to redesign the omnichannel ecommerce experience?

Grégoire Baret: There were two reasons for it. First, we wanted to make sure the consumer experience better fit actual consumer needs—and mobile was a key issue. A large share of our ecommerce users are on mobile, so by definition our experience had to be mobile and that was not the case before.