At Aldo, Omnichannel Means No One Is Excluded from the Experience - eMarketer
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eMarketer Interview

At Aldo, Omnichannel Means No One Is Excluded from the Experience

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An interview with

Grégoire Baret

General Manger, Omnichannel Experience, The Aldo Group

Interview summary

No matter where, when or how its customers shop, Montreal-headquartered retailer Aldo wants them to recognize and enjoy the brand experience. eMarketer’s Sean Creamer spoke with Grégoire Baret, The Aldo Group’s general manger of omnichannel experience, about how the retailer intertwines shopping channels and connects with consumers in its home market.


eMarketer: What omnichannel retail services does Aldo offer?

Grégoire Baret: Since the beginning, ecommerce has been closely tied to the services we offer. Customers can order items online to be picked up in-store or delivered to their home—this essentially makes everything seamlessly connected. We also have a real-time inventory system. We know what products are available where and when. This is active across our website and mobile application, so if a customer searches for something from their wish list, we can present them with in-store or delivery options.