Are Agencies Becoming Analytics Technology Providers? - eMarketer

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eMarketer Interview

Are Agencies Becoming Analytics Technology Providers?

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An interview with

Dustin Engel

Head of Analytics and Data Activation, PMG

Topics: Marketing

Interview summary

Gone are the days when agencies could rely solely on ideas. Their clients now expect data to be part of their DNA, and some agencies are even going so far as to provide their own set of analytics tools to customers. Dustin Engel, head of analytics and data activation at digital marketing agency PMG, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how agencies can fill key technology gaps for brands.


eMarketer: Why are agencies increasingly having to think like marketing and ad tech providers?

Dustin Engel: Traditional marketing and advertising technology will typically cover roughly 70% of a brand’s needs, but 30% of those needs are unique to the company. Marketing and ad tech providers build products for the widest population possible, which means those unique needs might not be met. Agencies can fill a lot of those gaps, especially in areas such as data automation, data blending and audience activation.