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eMarketer Interview

Ad Blocking Is a Desktop Problem at Business Insider

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An interview with

Julian Childs

Managing Director, UK and Europe, Business Insider

Topics: MediaAdvertising

Interview summary

Despite the growth of mobile advertising, ad blocking is still most prevalent on desktop due to the more intrusive ad formats found on the channel. eMarketer’s Sean Creamer spoke with Julian Childs, managing director of UK and Europe for Business Insider, about who’s using ad blockers and why mobile ad blocking hasn’t caught on yet.


eMarketer: Who uses ad blockers in the UK? Is it still primarily the young male demographic?

Julian Childs: Other demographic groups are starting to show awareness of ad blocking. It isn’t confined to the 18-to-35 male audience, but that’s certainly the most significant group because they are more technically aware. The type of content that demographic seeks out is also much more likely to be overindexed on advertising. Therefore, younger male audiences have naturally been the largest user of ad blockers.