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The following excerpt is from eMarketer's report:“Digital Video for the Full Advertising Funnel: Touchpoints for Every Objective”

Marketers have mainly used digital video advertising much like they use TV—to reinforce top-of-mind branding objectives, especially awareness. However, more brands are seeing how video advertising can be a powerful tool to help them reach classic marketing funnel objectives further down the line, such as consideration, preference, conversion and loyalty.

Employing video advertising for mid- and lower-funnel goals typically requires a change in thinking. Marketers that want to increase their use of video will need to expand the ways they create video advertising and what actually gets created, figure out content that’s longer and more involving, and focus on different metrics beyond just views as measured at the top of the funnel.

The importance of positioning digital video ads for the full range of brand objectives is underscored by the huge growth of the potential audience. eMarketer estimates that the number of US digital video viewers will rise by more than 22 million between 2013 and 2017, reaching 204.6 million that year.


  • What are some of the tactics that help digital video be effective for a mid-funnel goal such as product consideration?
  • Why are video ads longer than 30 seconds needed for full-funnel goals?
  • How can marketers calculate attribution for video beyond awareness?

When marketers determine their goals for digital video advertising, top-of-the-funnel awareness is almost always their main focus. In that sense, digital video differs little from TV advertising.

But what about mid- and bottom-funnel objectives, such as consideration, preference and the actual conversion? While it’s still early in the game, more and more brands are finding ways to use digital video to help achieve those goals. This report examines the reasons and necessary steps to successfully include digital video advertising within the entire buying funnel.

However, shifting focus down from awareness will not come easy. “We have fallen into this trap of thinking that video is only for top-of-funnel activities,” said Mina Seetharaman, senior partner and executive director of content and advanced video practices at OgilvyOne. “But we have a lot of programs that prove otherwise.”

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