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The following excerpt is from eMarketer's report:
"Mobile Advertising in Retail: Tracking the Changing Purchase Path"

Retailers dabbled with mobile advertising in its early stages, but their focus was primarily elsewhere. Not anymore. Mobile advertising expenditures still pale next to overall marketing spend, but as mobile capabilities deepen, retailers are spending more, and on more types of mobile advertising.

eMarketer estimates 120 million US consumers use their smartphones and tablets while shopping, browsing for new deals, researching options and buying products. And they don't stop using their phones when entering a store. They're checking competitor prices, asking friends for advice and reading reviews while strolling down the aisles. Mobile has erased the hard divide between the physical store and ecommerce. Retail is ground zero for the evolving commerce and media landscape.

This report looks at how retailers—as advertisers—are responding to mobile. It takes a brief look at the overall size of retail mobile advertising spend, and then examines the uses of mobile advertising at various points along the purchase path. Different mobile advertising formats suit different goals, although in practice there is increasing fluidity in how advertisers deploy different types of ads. As is true everywhere in digital advertising, lines are blurring.


  • How have mobile devices changed the way in which US consumers shop?
  • What is the size of mobile advertising spend in retail?
  • How are retailers using mobile advertising at each stage of the consumer decision path?

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