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Central & Eastern Europe

The following excerpt is from eMarketer's report:
"The Global Media Intelligence Report:
Central & Eastern Europe, 2013"

Constrained by the ongoing macroeconomic climate, spending on all measured media in Central and Eastern Europe will lift by just $1.68 billion in 2013, eMarketer estimates, to $22.67 billion. Gains will be slightly higher during the remainder of the forecast period, and total ad outlays will pass $29.3 billion in 2017.

In its "Advertising Expenditure Forecasts" from June 2013, ZenithOptimedia noted that in many markets sandwiched between Western Europe and more Eastern European nations such as Russia and Ukraine, advertising budgets "are essentially on hold as advertisers await more clarity on the future of the eurozone." According to ZenithOptimedia, ad expenditure in Central and Eastern Europe rose by just 3.4% in 2012, in current prices, but will expand by 4.0% in 2013 and consolidate that recovery with 6.3% growth in 2014.

Russia, the dominant force in the region in many ways, will increasingly claim the lion's share of the ad market. As ZenithOptimedia pointed out, the eurozone crisis affected Russia less than countries further west. eMarketer expects that with a healthy balance of payments and an expanding middle class buoying the country's economy, ad spending in Russia will rise by 13.0% this year—nearly three times the increase in the rest of Central and Eastern Europe. A similar pattern will persist through 2017. As a result, Russia will account for nearly half of all regional ad outlays that year.

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