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The following excerpt is from eMarketer's report:"Worldwide B2C Ecommerce: 2013 Forecast and Comparative Estimates"

Over 1 billion digital buyers will spend more than $1.221 trillion on business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce purchases in 2013. Combined, sales in North America, Asia-Pacific and Western Europe will account for 90.1% of the worldwide total.

Global B2C ecommerce sales are rising steadily and are projected to increase 17.1% this year. Growth will remain in the double digits through 2017, driven by the increasing number of online and mobile users in emerging markets, the development of more advanced payment and shipping options, major brands opening digital storefronts and digital retailers expanding into new markets.

Regionally, global B2C ecommerce sales will be highest in North America. However, rising sales in China and India will push Asia-Pacific ahead of North America next year to claim the world's No. 1 spot. The US remains the country with the largest ecommerce market and will record the highest volume of B2C ecommerce sales worldwide this year—$395.28 billion.

This Report Answers These Key Questions:

  • How much will consumers spend on B2C ecommerce purchases worldwide between 2013 and 2017?
  • How many people around the world will make at least one purchase annually via any digital channel?
  • How do B2C ecommerce sales and digital buyer populations compare among the world's regions?
  • How do B2C ecommerce sales and digital buyer populations differ by country?

Worldwide B2C Ecommerce Sales and Digital Buyers

eMarketer expects that in 2013, global B2C ecommerce sales, which include spending on both retail and travel products and services, will grow 17.1% to top $1.221 trillion. At $419.53 billion, regional B2C ecommerce sales will be highest in North America. Beginning in 2014, Asia-Pacific will move ahead of North America to take the No. 1 spot worldwide. Growth of the global ecommerce market will be healthy throughout the forecast period and driven by incremental sales in emerging markets. By 2016, worldwide ecommerce sales will be more than $1.859 trillion.

eMarketer has decreased our estimates for total B2C ecommerce sales for the entirety of the forecast period since our January 2013 estimates. This downward revision is primarily due to reduced projections for Australia and South Korea based on new data indicating slower growth than previously predicted.

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