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Expected Change in Budget Allocated to Customer Loyalty Programs in 2017 According to US Digital Marketers (% of respondents)

Chart Profile

  • Measurement:

    (% of respondents)

  • Data Covered:

  • Source:

    Brand Innovators | CrowdTwist

  • Methodology:

    Data is from the May 2016 CrowdTwist and Brand Innovators report titled "The Loyalty Evolution: Growing Investment and the Multichannel Promise." 234 US digital marketers were surveyed during March-April 2016. Respondents were from Fortune 500 companies. Respondents were asked about how leading brands are evolving the way they interact with consumers and how loyalty intertwines those efforts. CrowdTwist is a multichannel loyalty and analytics company. Brand Innovators is a brand consulting company.

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