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eMarketer Unveils New Estimates for Mobile App Activities

More time on mobile, more time on apps

January 31, 2017

eMarketer deepened its most recent estimates for time spent with media, breaking out consumer usage of specific in-app activities.

Share of Average Time Spent per Day with Smartphone Internet Among US Smartphone Users, In-App vs. Mobile Web, 2016 (% of total)

In 2017, adult mobile internet users in the US will spend nearly three-quarters (73%) of their daily app time in 2017 conducting five activities: listening to digital audio, social networking, gaming, video viewing and messaging.

Subscribers to eMarketer PRO can read the full report here.

Listening to digital audio via apps like Pandora and Spotify is the single most time-consuming in-app activity. “That’s not surprising, given the passive nature of music listening,” said eMarketer analyst Cathy Boyle. “Digital audio apps often run in the background—especially on smartphones—while people go about their day.”

eMarketer estimates US adult mobile app users will spend an average of 41 minutes each day listening to digital audio via an app on their smartphone or tablet in 2017.

Meanwhile, US adult mobile internet users will spend considerably less of their mobile time on the mobile web, as compared with app usage.

But it’s not always clear what is app time vs. what is mobile web time. “Mobile webpages can be viewed from inside a native app, which means a person could be spending time with mobile’s two channels simultaneously,” Boyle said. “That raises the question of whether the mobile web is being properly credited for its share of that combined viewing time.”

eMarketer believes the mobile web is likely getting short shrift in our forecasting model (and those of other forecasting firms), because a portion of “mobile app” time is spent viewing mobile webpages that are rendered via in-app browsers.

Listen to eMarketer’s Cathy Boyle discuss the challenge of defining and measuring app and mobile web time.

Get more on this topic with the full eMarketer report, “US Time Spent With Mobile: A Deep Dive into Mobile App and Web Time.”

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