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Is Your Company's Voice Consistent?

Over seven in 10 B2B marketers don't implement a formal message development process

February 9, 2015

Are business-to-business (B2B) marketers confusing customers with inconsistent messaging? The large majority could be, based on December 2014 polling by Corporate Visions. Among B2B marketers worldwide, fewer than three in 10 followed a well-established message development process for marketing campaigns and sales content development.

That left more than seven in 10 respondents who didn’t implement a formal process. Somewhat disconcerting is that many of those who didn’t use a messaging development process actually had one; 35.1% had an established process but said they didn’t apply it consistently, while an additional 13.2% had one but said it was rarely following due to lack of awareness or little concern about accountability. Meanwhile, about one-quarter seemed completely lost.

When asked about how they ensured consistency across marketing campaigns and sales content, B2B marketers were most likely to depend on templates and tools to reinforce training. While a promising 50.8% had provided training to content creators, they simply relied on them to apply messaging consistently after this. In comparison, just one-third of respondents provided ongoing coaching and feedback.

B2B content is in high demand pre- and post-purchase, and according to polling in November 2014, content marketing ranks as the leading area where B2B marketers worldwide plan to increase spending this year, cited by 66%. But dollars can’t fix everything. Marketers need to get their messaging together if they want to reach prospects and customers effectively.

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