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Younger Canadians Most Interested in Apps for the Grocery Aisle

Demand for info about nutrition, dietary needs and sustainability while shopping

October 10, 2013

About three in 10 internet users in Canada could be ripe targets for mobile marketing efforts while they are in the grocery aisle, based on research from Ipsos Canada.

The July 2013 survey found that 28% of internet users in the country, including about equal numbers of men and women, would be likely to use a mobile app if it helped them decide which items to purchase at the grocery store. The survey did not query interest in apps that would actually allow consumers to buy groceries on their phones for home delivery.

Breaking down responses by demographic, age had the largest effect on consumers’ likelihood of using grocery apps in-store. Younger adults ages 18 to 34 were more than twice as likely as those over 55 to say they would use such apps.

Internet Users in Canada Who Would Use a Mobile App for Grocery Shopping, by Demographic, July 2013 (% of respondents)

Household income had only a small effect on responses, with similar variations seen when broken down by presence of children in the household, marital status and current college attendance. Respondents with children were 4 percentage points more likely than those without to be interested in grocery apps, while singles were 7 points more likely to show interest than married people. College attendees were 7 points more likely than people not currently in college.

The vast majority of respondents indicated that nutrition was a major priority for them when grocery shopping, and many sought information about the source of food and its sustainability.

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