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Young Adults in China Spend Above-Average Time with the Mobile Web

Mobile activity is high in China

December 14, 2015

Internet users in China spend more time with the mobile internet than the worldwide average—at least if they’re 45 or younger, according to July 2015 research.

Daily Time Spent with Mobile Devices Among Internet Users in China vs. Worldwide, by Age, July 2015 (hours)

TNS found that the average 16- to-30-year-old internet user in China spent 3.9 hours per day on the mobile internet, which translates to about 42 minutes more per day than the worldwide average for internet users the same age.

The disparity was slightly smaller in absolute terms, though higher in percentage terms, for 31- to 45-year-olds. In China, this portion of the internet population spent about 36 minutes more per day with the mobile internet than their peers around the globe.

For older respondents, the situation was reversed, however.

In November 2015, similar research from Tencent Penguin Intelligence and Tsinghua University found that a plurality of mobile device users (26.5%) spent an average of more than 5 hours per day with their devices—though that could include time spent on non-internet-based activities.

This translated to increased mobile internet activity by at least some measures. For example, 84% of internet users in China ages 16 to 30 used mobile messaging or chat apps on a daily basis. That compared with 69% of the same group worldwide.

eMarketer estimates that China is home to the largest population of mobile phone messaging app users in the world, which is expected to surpass half a billion in 2018.


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