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YouTube Content Creator Channels Help Marketers Get in on the Right Action

US YouTube revenues to rise 39.2% this year to $1.13 billion

October 20, 2014

YouTube has long been a video site of enormous proportions. The unmatched depth and diversity of its content, combined with a user base spanning nearly every demographic on the planet, presents marketers with unique opportunities to reach target audiences, according to a new eMarketer report, “YouTube Advertising: Ins and Outs for Making It Work.”

YouTube Net US Video Ad Revenues, 2013-2016 (billions, % change and % of total video ad revenues)

The increasing sums going to YouTube video advertising attest to its power to attract both viewers as well as brands looking to reach them. In the US alone, video ad revenues for the site are expected to rise 39.2% this year to $1.13 billion, eMarketer estimates, and continue to expand by double digits through 2016.

Several executives who spoke with eMarketer pointed to how devoted many audiences are to the channels of various content creators they have subscribed to on YouTube. They also noted how those dedicated and engaged audiences offer marketers potentially superb targets for advertising—potentially, of course, if those audiences are in the marketer’s target demographic.

Content communities comprising creators and their followers are one of the somewhat asymmetrical social network aspects of YouTube—asymmetrical because while viewers comment and are often devoted followers, they are not the creators of that content. That relationship can be helpful for marketers, since the content their brands align against is more predictable than if, say, the marketer just asks YouTube to combine all the childcare videos anywhere on the site for ad placement purposes.

The top content creators on YouTube have their own channels, and that structure gives marketers a distinct focus for ad placement. Does the channel offer beauty tips? Does it focus on video games? Is it a specific music performer’s channel? In most of those cases, brands have a clearer idea of a specific channel’s audience than they would of a bunch of related YouTube videos from multiple creators. The value of these specific content creators and their channels is their ability to give marketers a worthy mix of context and audience.

Get more on this topic with the full eMarketer report, “YouTube Advertising: Ins and Outs for Making It Work.”

This report answers these key questions:

  • Why advertise on YouTube?
  • Why might advertisers want to avoid YouTube?
  • Which of YouTube’s ad options should marketers be considering—and why?
  • How should marketers integrate YouTube into larger campaigns?

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