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Yahoo Mobile Organic Traffic Rebounds

Mobile drove 46% of organic traffic on the search engine in Q2 2015

July 21, 2015

According to data from Merkle | RKG, mobile’s share of Yahoo organic search traffic bounced back in Q2 2015.

Mobile Share of Organic Search Engine Traffic in North America, by Search Engine, Q1 2014-Q2 2015 (% of total among Merkle RKG clients)

As a result of becoming the default search provider for Firefox—one of the largest desktop browsers—Yahoo saw mobile’s portion of organic search traffic in North America fall 7 percentage points in the first quarter of this year, from 50% in Q4 2014 to 43% in Q1 2015. This quarter, the search engine made up more than half of that loss, with organic traffic from mobile accounting for 46% of the total. Mobile drove 47% of Google traffic last quarter, and just 30% of that on Bing.

Still, there’s no catching Google for total mobile organic share. The search giant accounted for 88.6% of US mobile organic search traffic last quarter—up slightly from the 88.2% RKG reported for Q1 2015. Meanwhile, Yahoo saw its share of mobile organic search visits dip to 7.1%, down 0.5 percentage point from the figure reported the prior quarter. Bing accounted for just 4.1% of mobile organic search visits.

In all, mobile devices expanded their share of organic search traffic in the US to 45% in Q2 2015. iOS ruled thanks to iPhones, which accounted for over 19% of total organic search visits; iPads contributed more than 10%. Meanwhile, Android phones (11%) and tablets (2%) drove 13% of organic traffic.

There will be 157.3 million US mobile phone search users this year, eMarketer estimates, representing just under half of the population. Next year, mobile search will reach the masses: 177.8 million mobile phone users of any age will search via mobile browser or app at least monthly, equating to nearly 55% of all consumers in the country.


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