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Women in Brazil Favor Social Messaging Apps

Two-thirds of users with Instagram on their home screen are women

February 19, 2016

Women and young people in Brazil keep their mobile social media tools close by, according to 2015 research.

Demographic Profile of Smartphone Users in Brazil Who Have Select Social/Messaging Apps on Their Home Screen, Nov 2015 (% of respondents)

According to Mobile Time and Opinion Box, a strong majority of smartphone users with a variety of social and messaging apps on the home screen of their device are women.

The female tilt was strongest for Instagram. Two-thirds of smartphone users in the country who had Instagram on their home screen in November were women. The female skew for Twitter was nearly as strong, followed by Facebook Messenger.

The gender breakdown was closer to balance for Twitter, but still, 57% of smartphone users with Twitter on their home screen were women.

When it came to age, variation was more pronounced among different social and messaging services. For example, there were about equal numbers of users ages 16 to 29 vs. 30 to 49 who had Twitter on their home screen; the same was true for YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook. In all four cases, far fewer home screen users were ages 50 and older, but the teens vs. 30- and 40-something breakdowns were close.

But for some platforms, usage skewed far younger. An outright majority of users with Instagram on their home screen, for example, were under 30. And when it came to Snapchat, a dramatic 82% of people with the app installed on their home screen were ages 16 to 29.

Most of the apps studied are popular home screen choices in Brazil. Mobile Time and Opinion Box found that more than 84% of smartphone users in Brazil had WhatsApp on their home screen, for example—the most common choice. Facebook was also on an outright majority of all smartphone home screen, at 69.4%. Third-place Instagram reached a comparatively low 38.9% of home screens, and Snapchat, the lead popular option among the social and messaging apps studied, was on just 9.3% of home screens.

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