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Will Tech Reap the Benefits of Small-Business Spending in 2015?

New technology is top investment priority among SBOs

March 3, 2015

Small businesses want to put their money where the tech is this year, according to December 2014 polling by Zogby Analytics for Xero.

Top Investment Priority for 2015 According to US Small-Business Owners (% of respondents)

New technology ranked as the top investment priority for 2015 among US small-business owners (SBOs) studied, cited by one-third. Larger inventory followed, at 17.1%. Small businesses still struggle to get digital right, and this isn’t likely to change too much in the coming year, as just 13.3% ranked going online as a top priority.

However, whether or not technology sees more dollars depends on how far SBOs can stretch their budgets, as the study found that associated costs were also the biggest technology challenge. Three in 10 respondents said a lack of budget for technology was the largest tech-related hurdle.

Biggest Technology Challenge According to US Small-Business Owners, Dec 2014 (% of respondents)

And even if they have the money, some small businesses may need to revamp themselves before buying in to the newest tools. Nearly one-quarter said new technology just didn’t fit with their old-fashioned business, the second-highest response, and another 14.5% had problems integrating the technologies they did have.

These issues are in line with September 2014 findings from ExactTarget and LinkedIn. Among US senior-level marketers from small businesses, 25% said keeping up to date with current technology and trends was a challenge, and 30% said the same about integrating marketing tools and systems.

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