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Will People Still Be Googling in 50 Years?

Survey says yes

November 13, 2017

Some of the biggest names in tech will likely remain that way in 50 years—at least according to findings from Fluent LLC’s October 2017 survey, which polled 3,240 US internet users ages 18 and older.

When asked which tech company is most likely to exist in 50 years, a third of respondents said Google. Younger users—those ages 18 to 34—were more likely to name the search giant than their older counterparts.

Tech Company Most Likely to Still Exist in 50 Years According to US Internet Users, by Age, Oct 2017 (% of respondents)

But it’s not just Google people see sticking around: Fully 29% of respondents chose Amazon. And respondents ages 35 and older were more likely to do so than younger ones.

Meanwhile, 21% of US internet users said that Apple was most likely to exist in 50 years, while a smaller proportion (17%) picked Facebook.

It’s not surprising that users see these tech giants as in it for the long haul. Each has had a great effect in the digital space.

For example, Google and Facebook have been tightening their grip on the US digital ad market. According to eMarketer’s latest digital ad spending forecast, the duopoly is expected to rake in a combined 63.1% of US digital ad investment this year, which is higher than our previous prediction of 60.4%.

Amazon is another key player. While the ecommerce giant is not typically considered a digital advertising company, it’s actually the fifth largest generator of digital ad revenues in the US.

In fact, eMarketer estimates that Amazon’s ad revenues will total $1.65 billion in 2017.

Rimma Kats


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