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Will Consumers Rebel at Idea of AI-Created Ads?

Early signs of indifference

October 11, 2017 | Marketing

A Q3 2017 survey looking at how people feel about artificial intelligence (AI) found that most consumers don’t care if a brand uses AI to create ads.

The study from digital marketing company Syzygy, which surveyed 6,000 internet users in Germany, the UK and the US, revealed that fully 71.1% of respondents were indifferent about brands using AI-created ads. Just 6.7% had a positive attitude, while nearly a quarter (22.3%) felt negatively about it.

Primary Attitude Toward Brands that Use Ads Created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Among Internet Users in Germany, the UK and the US, by Age, Q3 2017 (% of respondents in each group)

Out of the three regions surveyed, internet users in Germany were more likely to have a negative outlook toward brands using AI-created ads, while those in the US were more likely to have a positive viewpoint.

Meanwhile, and unsurprisingly, millennials were more likely to have a positive attitude about brands using AI to create ads compared with their older counterparts.

When asked how they felt if a brand was using AI technology to personalize offers and recommendations for them, many consumers, again, felt indifferent.

Roughly two-thirds of respondents said they felt that way, while 7.7% had more of a positive attitude. Meanwhile, over a quarter (25.9%) viewed that approach negatively.

The respondents expressed a variety of emotions about AI in general. About 45% described themselves as “interested,” and 25% called themselves “optimistic.” But negative responses like “concerned,” “suspicious” and “skeptical” were widespread. Overall, the general attitude toward AI shaded toward the negative, the study found.

Rimma Kats


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