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Why Luxury Brands Like Cartier and Hermes Love Online Video

Videos help create a brand that is associated with a desirable, lavish lifestyle

June 12, 2014

Cartier and Hermes are doubling down on their online video advertising with respective campaigns hoping to have viral reach. Are online videos the next logical step from glossy full-page fashion ads?

Luxury brand marketers have long relied on visual marketing tactics for fuel their ad campaigns, often hiring top photographers and videographers to create allure around the desirable goods and those that have them. In an October 2012 study from Worldwide Business Research and Shopigniter, luxury brand marketers reported posting product imagery (81%) and using video to engage fans and followers (75%) as the two tactic types on which they relied most.

With a primordial stew of social and video producing the perfect environment for the growth of online video in 2014, it’s no wonder that luxury brands are diving in head first and extending their image-based advertising legacies.

Yuli Ziv, founder and CEO of fashion and beauty influencer network Style Coalition, described to eMarketer why luxury fashion brands latched onto online video: “Video allows [fashion brands] to bring their creations to live. It’s an entertaining format that could include many different lifestyle elements, and provide a fuller picture of the brand message. Online video started more along the lines of commercials, but we’re noticing that brands are actually producing videos specifically for the web with the notion of [their becoming viral] and social sharing in mind.”

This type of visual advertising lends itself well to brands hoping to promote a lifestyle along with their products. All it takes is seeing a photo of someone rich, famous, or beautiful carrying a well-made leather bag or a perfectly seamed and fitted trench coat to make a consumer save up for that coveted item. “Branding is all about creating that lifestyle picture and getting people to imagine that lifestyle,” Ziv said. It’s not just any coat. It’s a brand name coat.

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