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Who's Using Which Social Sites in Japan?

Three-quarters of women in their 20s choose Line

May 27, 2016

Line is still the No. 1 social media platform in Japan, according to research conducted in February 2016.

Internet Users in Japan Who Use Select Social Media Platforms, by Demographic, Feb 2016 (% of respondents in each group)

Asahi University found that nearly two in five internet users living in the Tokyo area used Line in February—about 10 percentage points ahead of Facebook, which was used by 28.0% of respondents.

Line was most commonly used among internet users in their 20s. Nearly three-quarters of women in that age group were Line users, along with 61.4% of men. In most age groups studied, women were heavier Line users than their male counterparts.

That gender breakdown was not true of Facebook, which split along opposite lines—and, similarly, was most popular among internet users in their 20s.

Twitter was almost as popular as Facebook overall, and had stronger appeal among women under 40 than Facebook did.

Instagram usage was largely restricted to younger users. On the female side, respondents in their 20s were the only group where more than 10% used Instagram. Usage among men skewed somewhat older.

eMarketer estimates that across all of Japan, 52.8 million people will use social networks this year, or 50.5% of internet users. About a quarter (24.8%) of internet users in the country will use Twitter on a monthly basis, while just 20.9% will use Facebook. eMarketer does not estimate Line usage.

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