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Who Watches Digital Video in Singapore?

Younger consumers are the most avid viewers

July 22, 2016 | Video

More than half (54%) of consumers in Singapore watch digital video, research found, but there are dramatic differences in content consumption by age.

Digital Video Viewers in Singapore, by Age, Nov 2015 (% of respondents in each group)

According to November 2015 research from Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), 15- to 34-year-olds were the most likely group of consumers to watch digital video—nearly nine in 10 did so. Digital video viewership was also high among younger teens, and even among 7- to 10-year-olds, nearly two-thirds watched digital videos.

Viewership dropped off sharply among older consumers, however. Less than half of those ages 35 to 54 watched digital video, along with just 9% of those between 55 and 65.

YouTube was by far the most common viewing platform, with 96% of digital video viewers of all ages hitting up the site. About six in 10 watched videos on social networks. Sites with pirated content came in third, at 20% of the audience.

Across, all age groups, digital video viewing was a habit among those who participated in it at all. Well over half of digital video viewers said they watched daily, regardless of age—daily viewership was lowest among the oldest respondents, but still, 59% of 55-to-65-year-old digital video viewers watched every day. Among younger age group, the share viewing daily rose as high as 81%.

That does not necessarily mean, however, that digital video viewers in Singapore are spending a lot of time on the activity. A plurality of viewers across age groups said they preferred digital videos under 5 minutes in length. Even among the most likely group to watch, 15- to 34-year-olds, 57% of digital video viewers said they liked videos 15 minutes long or shorter, including 42% who preferred snackable clips under 5 minutes.

Separate research conducted by MDA in December 2015 found that websites were the top way consumers in Singapore discover online content—including more than just video content—followed by via online ads.

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