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Which Industries Have the Highest CPMs on Facebook in Australia?

Ecommerce sites have highest CPMs; financial services have the lowest

July 23, 2015

Ecommerce sites and other retailers are paying the highest prices for Facebook ads in Australia, according to Q1 2015 data from Salesforce.com.

Performance Metrics for Facebook Ads in Australia, by Industry, Q4 2014 & Q1 2015 (based on impressions served by Social.com)

They also have, if not the highest, among the highest clickthrough rates (CTRs) for any ads on the social networking giant. Organizations and associations have the highest performance of any vertical studied—unsurprising given the venue.

On the opposite end of the pricing spectrum, financial services ads had the lowest CPMs of any industry, while organizations and associations had the lowest costs per click. On a cost-per-click basis, gaming ads were the most expensive.

Several of these figures represented a shift from Q4 2014, suggesting pricing—and performance—on Facebook are fairly fluid with respect to industry.

Salesforce reported that overall, Australian Facebook ads had the highest CPMs of any country studied, after Japan, at $5.85 vs. $5.04. CTRs were also the second highest, after the UK, at 1.15% vs. 1.11%.

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