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Which In-Store Mobile App Feature Do UK Consumers Use Most?

Store mode is least popular

January 22, 2016

Retailers increasingly offer customers mobile apps with in-store functions, and according to a September 2015 report by Poq, 71% of in-store mobile app sessions by UK users focused on the store finder.

In-Store Mobile App Feature Usage Share for UK Retailer Apps, Q2 2015 (% of total app sessions on Poq's plaform)

Another 20% of sessions were to check store stock. Only 1%, however, were sessions in “store mode.”

In-store features are not the only ones retailer apps offer, of course. For general shopping purposes, 31% of total app sessions on the Poq platform focused on using the search feature of a UK retailer app. The No. 2 feature was about half as popular: 17% of sessions center on the app’s filter. Another 16% of sessions involved examining products with the full-screen zoom. Browsing through and shopping with the lookbook resulted in only 8% of total app sessions—but many retailer apps do not offer these specialized features.

Other app features are focused around personalization and social media. For this subset of features, 23% of sessions are spent setting personal sizes, while 23% involve opening a new loyalty account—and that might mean that retailers should look to mobile app personalization to involve customers or potential customers in loyalty and rewards programs.

Only 5% of sessions on the Poq platform are used share products on social media. There’s no doubt that users like UK retailer apps, but the stats seem to suggest they especially like them to look at individual items curated for them, rather than sharing those items with others.

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